COVID-19 Secure

We have implemented measures so that we can keep you and our staff safe. Due to the latest government guidance, when making an appointment we need all clients to agree to follow our procedures.

We have a spacious hair salon, usually serving one client at a time. Sometimes there may be another client present who is having a long treatment, and so we have implemented social distancing by spacing our chairs 2 metres apart. We have a dedicated space marked-out for longer treatments, along with a mobile screen divider.

Please let us know when booking in case you are a vulnerable person and, if you request, we can arrange it so that there are no other customers present during your visit. We can also use additional PPE such as disposable aprons and gowns on request.


Appointments are managed to allow plenty of time between clients so that we can carry out a sterilisation processes.

We no longer accept walk-in appointments. To schedule an appointment, please

  1. book online at or
  2. book online by selecting your required service on booking page or
  3. by e-mail or
  4. call 020 7628 4897

We request all customers to provide both a phone number and an email in case we need to contact you before or after your visit.

We will ask you a few health questions by email before your appointment date. If you have any symptoms of COVID-19, you must inform us and we will reschedule your appointment.

Arriving in the Hair Salon

Please attend your appointment alone, if at all possible. The only exceptions would be if you are a carer for someone (including babies) or if you need to bring a carer with you.

Arrive as close as possible to your appointment time. This helps us to maintain good social distancing with other clients. It is possible that we may need you to wait for one or two minutes before coming in. Unfortunately, if you are more than 5 minutes late, we may cancel your appointment, because otherwise we may not have time to serve you and then sanitise before the next client.

We request that you arrive in the hair salon wearing a face covering or mask. If you wish to remove it, please agree this first with the salon owner. Depending on the situation, we reserve the right to ask you to keep it on while in the salon. We sell masks for £1 each.

If you wish, you may keep a mask on during the service. Under the government’s guidelines, we might need you to take off the mask for a few seconds, for example in case we need to check who you are!

Please hang your coat etc on our new coat stand. Unfortunately we can no longer keep client’s coats or bags behind reception.

Spray hand sanitiser on your hands when you enter the hair salon. There is a no-touch dispenser inside our door.

We will be pleased to offer you water, but unfortunately we can no longer offer tea or coffee. Please do not bring any food with you.

Our customer toilet is still open, with enhanced hygiene procedures.

During your Service

We will wear face visors during you visit — this is the government’s requirement for hair salon staff. We have implemented rigorous hygiene and disinfecting procedures between client visits.

We will sanitise our non-disposable equipment and chairs between clients.

We have enhanced hygiene procedure for all gowns and towels. Disposable gowns are also available.

Hand sanitiser and tissues will be available for you.

Payment and Departure

Please pay at reception with a major debit card or credit card. We no longer accept any cash or cheque payments for hygiene reasons.

We will use disinfectant wipes on the payment terminal before and after use.

We have a protective screen at reception for your safety.

Please take your own coat etc from the coat stand on your way out.

We appreciate you taking the time to read this and to visit us and we assure you that your health and safety during your visit are very important to us.